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Options To Loan £70,000 For Personal Or Business Use ----- Repayment Terms Available From 60 - 300 Months To Match Your Cash Flow ----- Use The Money For Virtually Any Purpose And Receive The Funds Directly ----- Have You Been Refused A Loan Elsewhere? There Are Lenders Who Consider Bad Credit -----

£70,000 Loan

There are not a large amount of lending plans that allow you to borrow £70,000 at all, let alone loans that allow you to spread the repayments over terms of 60 to 300 months to ensure your monthly repayments are affordable. However larger loans just like this are what My Sort of Loan specialise in. Our experience has shown that when our clients are advanced the funds you need flexibility as to what you spend the money on ......sound familiar?
Good news - in many cases the money with our loan lenders plans can be used for any purpose and the seventy thousand pounds can be transferred directly into your account to distribute and manage as you wish.

Our UK based large loan specialist team have direct access to multiple £70000 lender loan calculators and loans, so we can quickly establish what your affordable repayments and rates would be for your circumstances. Simply call for free from your mobile or a landline on 0800 0159 295 or dial 0330 0536001 (mobile friendly). You can also apply on line and we will get back to you at a time to suit you, please complete the short online enquiry form and we will get started straight away.

£70,000 Loan Over 5 Years

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Unless you happen to have a large amount of saving or be very affluent (or perhaps a premier league footballer) £70,000 is a fair old chunk of money. The odds are that you have a good reason to borrow this kind of money but you`ll want to pay it back as quickly as possible to avoid paying back larger amounts of interest. If you have the capacity to repay the loan over as little as five years it may be a good idea to do it (provided it does not squeeze your cash flow too much) as it will save you some loan interest over a long term loan.

Borrow £70,000 loan over 60 months at a rate of 3.73% with a monthly repayment of £1385.75. Charges for credit: £13,145 interest and charges including £5,000 intermediary fee and £745 lender completion fee. 4.6 %APRC (variable). Total repayable is £83,145

You could save interest by repaying a higher amount per month on your £70,000 loan over 5 years instead of paying less per month over 20 years. Yes it means that you`ll have a bigger monthly repayments but it means that you`ll be able to enjoy the benefits of your project a lot sooner without having to pay the loan every month. That being said don`t panic - many of the loans can be repaid early and this will also usually save you significant amounts of interest. So try to strike the right balance.

£70,000 Loan Bad Credit

£70,000 can seem like a difficult amount of money to borrow, especially if you`ve had credit problems in the past. You may find that the reality is you`ve probably been trying to arrange that loan, maybe for a while. The truth is that some lending institutions simply will not lend to anyone who had credit problems in the past and that`s fair enough - it`s their money after all. However the key is knowing how to get access to real lenders who have competitive big loan plans even for bad credit clients but which you don`t find on the high street and so rely on intermediaries to find their clients. We already have a multitude of these on our approved lenders panel.

With our expertise it might now be a simple matter of how much income you have or it might come down to how long ago you incurred credit problems, how they occurred and what you`ve done since. For secured homeowner loans having good equity levels can be a real help. Knowledge of the lenders criteria is where My Sort of Loan help. Our lenders can cater for a wide variety of applicants, so even if you`ve been refused a loan elsewhere, or been let down / declined by high street lenders we may still be able to help you get that big loan approved.

Big Loan Lender Rates For Bad Credit / Low Credit Score

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So will a bad credit lender cost more to borrow from? Well naturally lenders who take bigger risks than their competitors tend to do so at a premium, but the interest rate gap can be a lot less than you might expect. This is because when the loan amount is quite big even a small increase in interest will make significantly more money back for the lender. The loan also needs to be affordable for the customers or no one will accept the loan offered.

At My Sort of Loan we can also potentially look to help you refinance your loan where it is appropriate, so while you might have to pay a little more in the short term we will always consider what we can achieve for you in the long term. To discuss your long term borrowing requirements why not talk to one of our professional loan advisers on 0800 015 9295.

  • £70,000 over a short term - save money by repaying your loan in as short a term as five years

  • Early Settlement - Save money by taking your £70,000 over a long term and pay smaller repayments then settle the loan in full.

  • Bad Credit? Refused A Loan Already? Don`t give up - Even if you`ve had credit problems or been declined a loan in the past My Sort of Loan might still arrange a £70,000 loan for you.

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£70,000 Loan Over 20 Years

Borrow £70,000 loan over 240 months at a rate of 3.73% with a monthly payment of £444.39. Charges for credit: £36,653.60 interest and charges including £5,000 intermediary fee, £745 lender completion fee. 7.2 %APRC (variable). Total repayable is £106,653.60

We talked earlier about how it can be a good idea to repay your loan as quickly as you can if it is affordable, but that`s not a scenario that suits every situation. There are those for whom playing the long game can be especially beneficial. For example if you know that you`re due a significant windfall in a couple of years` time and that it will be enough to settle your £70,000 there is little point in paying the bulk of your interest in the first couple of years of the loan. What you might want to do instead is take the loan over as long a term as possible and keep your monthly repayments low. By taking the loan over 20 years rather than 5 you pay as little as £730.00 per month until you`re in a position to settle your loan.

£70,000 Loan Calculator

So how do we calculate your eligibility for a £70,000 loan? Well it comes down to a number of factors: credit score, affordability, income, number / size / age of adverse credit units and equity are all important. For secured loans once we have established if there`s enough equity in your home to borrow £70,000 against we need to consider how much you can afford to repay every month. Once we know how much you can afford to pay we have to consider how much you want to pay and what your ongoing plans are so that we can determine how to tailor a loan plan for you.

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Your credit score also plays a part in calculating your £70,000 loan repayments and this is determined by a number of factors such as your past credit history, time at your address and in your job to name a few. At My Sort of Loan a qualified loan adviser will calculate your eligibility and advise you on the most appropriate lender product that matches your eligibility with no obligation on your part to proceed. Find out your options via a confidential free quote - call our loan team on 0800 015 9295 and tell us what you want to do.

Your Big Loan Project Personal Or Business Finance Options

So you want to undertake a serious project - maybe you want to invest in property, consolidate all your existing debts and carry out some UK home improvements, perhaps it is for something unusual like buying your way into a racing car. Business loans are another major finance option that can come into play for larger loans from £50,000 to £100.000. The one thing that you`re going to need is be it for business or personal use is finance / investment ……… basically money by any other name.

They say fortune can favour the bold and you are going to require a serious cash injection to get what you want. We`re not just talking about the sort of money you can probably obtain just by walking into your high street bank and asking for a short term unsecured personal loan either, you want to get hold of the kind of loan that`s going to get you where you want to be. My Sort of Loan can provide the kind of help and advice that can get you the £70,000 to realise your goals and where you can start to do some good with it.