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Caravan Finance

Caravans are becoming increasingly popular for UK residents as a holiday option, from touring caravans to static caravans, owning your own caravan or motorhome can be a great way for you to escape your day to day grind at the drop of a hat.

My Sort Of Loan arrange numerous caravan loan options allowing you to borrow the money you need to purchase a new or used caravan. You can borrow from £7,500 to £100,000 to get the chattel you really desire. Try out our short online enquiry form (don`t worry - this form will not affect your credit rating) to find out the caravan finance options available to you through our lenders. Continue reading for our checklist when choosing the best caravan to buy.
Caravan Finance
Caravaning can be a great leisure option. You can purchase a caravan and travel all around the UK or even jump on the Eurotunnel and see Europe within the comfort of a touring caravan. The great thing about caravans is they always have a resale value, allowing you to sell your caravan once you have finished with it or want to get a new one.

Buying A Used Caravan?

What Should You Look For? - Take This Check List To Help:
  • Take a good look along each side wall from end to end. You're more likely to see the minor dents and bumps that way than by looking directly at the panel.

  • Damage to the joint between the front and sidewall is a very bad sign. It's best to avoid a van with this kind of damage.

  • Creases and dents in the sidewalls are something you would have to put up with, as the only way they can be repaired is with a new panel bonded on top which is probably not very cost-effective.

  • Watch out for any screw holes from long gone accessories that have been filled with mastic. Not only are they unsightly, but they will have almost certainly result in water ingress.

  • Always check the hitch by trying to lift the van with it. If there is significant vertical movement of the head, it may need replacing. Anything more than about 3mm of vertical movement must be discussed with the dealer.

  • Also check the gaiter for cracks and splits: if you find any, make sure the gaiter is replaced as part of the deal.

  • There are still lots of caravans with Peak and B&B hitches. You can still get spares for them, but check the mechanism. If the springs have broken it won't spring back and so won't lock the hitch onto the tow ball.

  • Check the electrical cables under the towing assembly for wear. If they have been allowed to trail on the ground during towing, they may be dangerously worn.

  • If there's one place you're likely to see damage it's on the A-frame fairing. However, fairings are easily repaired or replaced.

  • Check for cracks in the sidewalls of the tyres. If you find any, get the tyre replaced.

  • Check each corner is steady by raising and lowering it. Ineffective maintenance will leave them very stiff.

  • Older vans' graphics suffer from old methods of bonding. Stripes and name badges may look worn or be coming away from the bodywork. It may be possible to re-attach them with instant glue.

  • Check all the road light lenses for signs of water ingress. If there are signs, get the dealer to check inside with his damp meter, on the wall behind the lights.

  • If the van has a Whale submersible pump socket adjacent to the service door of the toilet, and its cover is broken or missing, the socket will be exposed to the elements.

  • Check that the window hinges and stays do work correctly. Examine the seals for cracking. On vans from 1992 onwards, check that the CRiS number on the windows match up.

  • Prise up the window seal inside the van. If the timber framework is dry and clean it means that the seals are doing their job. Pay extra attention to the seals on the front window.

  • Examine and if necessary remove any screws you see in the bodywork. Examine the mastic between the joints. If it looks old or has algae along its edges, it's likely to mean the van hasn't been resealed for some years.

  • Caravan Finance
  • Look inside all the lockers for signs of water or other damage. Make sure all of the locks are secure and work correctly.

  • Check the gas bottle storage for damage to the retaining straps. Is there a regulator? Is it for the type you intend using?

  • Remove the waste chamber if there is a Thetford toilet and examine it, and seals, for damage.

  • Check the battery lead and connectors for corrosion and the door seal for cracks. Make sure the battery retaining strap clip is securely fixed and that the mains inlet socket isn't damaged.

  • Check all the wall panels and door facings for damage. Small areas of damage can be concealed by pictures or wall fittings.

  • Examine all the wall boards. Owners often fit items which they then remove when selling the van, leaving screw holes.

  • Use a torch when examining the corners under the seats and in the wardrobe, where you are likely to find signs of either damp or poorly-executed DIY work.

  • Test the floor for any movement which could indicate delamination. Pay particular attention to the doorway and in front of the kitchen unit.

  • It's always a good sign if you find a complete set of owner's manuals. The manufacturer's manual in particular will tell you when the caravan was first sold, the dealer's name and that of the first owner.

  • Check the fridge. Make sure that the travel catch works, as does the fridge itself in all its power modes.

  • You can often learn a great deal about previous owners by looking inside the oven. It's not unusual to find it has never been used, but on the other hand some owners neglect this particular cleaning job.

  • Look for missing beakers from the toilet's vanity unit and missing covers from the toilet roll holder. Operate the blade opener on the toilet, as it can become stuck to the lip seal if left closed for long periods.

  • Check all the mastic seals in the bathroom compartment, especially around the perimeter of the shower tray. The constant movement due to people stepping into and out of the tray can cause the mastic to pull away in some places.

  • Test all the blinds and screens. As they are used over the years, the return springs tend to weaken. The dealer will be able to re-tension them.

  • Test the seats and cushions. The foam or the springs can collapse over time and replacement is likely to be costly.

  • If the mains electricity is connected to the caravan, use a test plug to confirm that the circuits are correctly wired.

  • Do not take anything for granted. Test every catch, fastener and handle you can possibly find.

  • Check that the water pump works, both to the kitchen sink and the bathroom.

  • Look out for DIY repairs. Have they been well carried out or were they done by a cowboy?

  • Check if any retro-fit accessories are evident. Were these done by a dealer or the owner? How well were they done?

  • If a previous owner added any mains electrical accessories, or even wired an older van for mains electricity, ensure that it has been tested by a qualified person.

  • How does the caravan smell inside? If the door and windows were open when you approached the van, close them all and savour the atmosphere inside (or not…). Pets and fried cooking can leave a lasting impression on the soft furnishings of a caravan!

Bad Credit Caravan Finance

Caravan Finance If you think your adverse credit history will pose as an obstacle in your way of availing yourself of your dream caravan with a finance loan, think again. We have helped people borrow money when they have been refused a loan elsewhere.

At My Sort Of Loan, we are dedicated to the cause of getting caravan finance for all kinds of credit ratings, from people who suffer from bad credit to those with top finance ratings. We give you access to some of the best homeowner secured loan lenders in the UK market who specialise in providing you with the best loans for your circumstances, including caravan finance loans.

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