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Home Improvement Loans

Your home improvements loan can be a great way to getting the enhancements you are seeking to have your house looking exactly how you want it within a budget you can afford. Improving your home can even mean that you are happy to stay where you are and avoid moving house, saving costly removal and legal fees. Whether you are building an extension or replacing old window frames with more energy efficient double glazing, a home improvements loan can provide the funds you need.

Home Improvement LoansAll our improvement loan quotes are provided for free and without obligation, plus we have helped uk consumers obtain millions of pounds to turn their house into a home - to find out how much your repayments will be for any amount between £3,000 and £200,000 simply call for free via mobile or landline on 0800 0159108 or or complete our short on line enquiry form (no credit search on this form) and we will contact you.

Loan Purposes

Many customers choose to use the money to renovate their kitchen, update a bathroom, landscape the garden or add a conservatory making your home a much more comfortable place to be. In most cases the improvements you carry out to your home will add value to your home. Another key advantage of a Home Improvement loan that a lot of people overlook, is the disruption to family life that is caused by moving home. People become settled where they live and itís never easy for children to move school and find new friends. For these reasons a home improvement loan can be a great way to add value to you biggest asset while improving your environment for yourself and family.

What Home Improvements Can The Loan Be Used For?


Not only does Landscaping improve the quality of living for the occupants it also makes your property more desirable in the event you ever sold it. Basement Conversion

In areas where space is at a premium for example central London or any major city, it make sense to maximise the space within your property. The home improvement loan can be spent converting a dark and damp basement into an additional bedroom or teenagers sitting room/ lounge area. Clearly, if there is no space to build at the side or rear of the building it makes sense to use the space below. New Patio Doors And Replacement Double-Glazing

Make you home more energy efficient by using your Home Improvement loan to install double-glazing, the improved efficiency will reduce your monthly heating bills. French doors are a popular choice when replacing old patio doors, however in recent time Bi- folding aluminium doors are becoming increasingly popular


This is one of the most popular types of home improvements, not only does it add additional space it can increase the value of your home quite substantially The extension can turn a small and dingy kitchen into a large living area, allowing the family to congregate at meal times.

decorating loans


Decorating your house keeps the property desirable and is significantly cheaper than other more structural home improvements. It an extremely cost effective way of adding value to your property..

Points To Consider Before You Apply For Your Home Improvement Loan

Can you obtain the finance? If your credit history isnít perfect it could be harder than you think, therefore check your credit file before you apply.

How much do you need? Itís a good idea to get your project estimates in place before applying, allow for labour and construction material. Our lender panel has loans from £3,000 to £150,000 over terms of 3 to 30 years to match your budget.

When do the tradesmen have availability?

You will probably need skilled craftsmen to help with your project, check contractor availability, get several competitive quotes and look for references regarding the quality of work carried out .Do you need planning permission? If you do, how much will it cost and how long will it take to get?.


Be realistic about costs without cutting corners; make sure you have a plan in place if unforeseen problems occur. Donít forget to consider recurring costs for your project. Do you have access to any additional money or savings just in case your budget is stretched? Remember to keep within your budget, however factor a little extra in case of emergencies. Keep a close control of costs while the improvements are being carried out to ensure you donít over spend.

Finance Options

Secured loan

If your home improvements are major itís likely a secured home improvement loan is taken out .This is structured to be repaid over a longer repayment term. The loan is secured against your property itself. It should be remembered this means your home can be reposed by the lender should repayments not be made. Home improvement loans

For smaller loans an unsecured home improvement loan is used to cover home improvement costs such as decorating, or home maintenance. This unsecured loan can also be used to purchase things such as furniture, white goods, and kitchen units. These loans are generally structured over a short term and will not put your home at risk.


For some people they decide to fund their home improvements by releasing equity from their home via a re-mortgage .This is done by switching the mortgage and borrowing more from a different lender. Professional advice should be sort from a first charge mortgage adviser who will review the interest rate and early redemption penalties before advising if a remortgage is a suitable option to obtain the capital required.


In light of recent changes in Pension rules it may be possible to use money from your pension fund to finance home improvements. However, professional advice should be sort from an Independent Financial Advisor before attempting to raise finance by this method as, for example using funds from a pension fund means you will have less to purchase an annuity in retirement.

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